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VasyERP addresses retail accounting challenges with its intelligent and tailored accounting solutions

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Challenges in Accounting

GST Returns

You face issues with GST-compliant billing, incorrect returns, return filing, refunds, GST invoicing, and compliance with frequently changing accounting rules, etc.

Business Analytics

Do you struggle to find accurate sales analytics, inventory analytics, and other relevant analytics related to the business for making informed decisions?

Inventory Accounting

Issues with maintaining precise inventory records and after-sale stock entries? Need purchase and sale records with a real-time accounting of inventory?

Financial Reports

Not able to find accurate reports on current financial status, profit and loss, cash flow, and expenses or branch-wise account reports in real-time?

ERP Challanges

If yes

Then VasyERP is the Perfect Accounting Solution For You

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GST-compliant accounting

Accounting software with accurate tax calculations, consolidated financial statements, and assistance with filing correct tax returns.

Advanced Inventory Capabilities

Accurate record-keeping of stock levels, real-time recording of transactions, and automated after-sale stock entries.

Integrated Payment Management

Efficiently handles payments from multiple customers, manages supplier invoices, and records entries from diverse payment modes.

Real-Time Financial Reporting

VasyERP accounting software generates real-time financial reports, offering insights into the current financial status, P&L, etc.

Accounting Features
that Boost Your Retail Business

Leverage VasyERP's Cutting-Edge Accounting Capabilities for Retail Success

E-Way Bill Integration

E-Way Bill Integration

Seamlessly generate E-Way bills for the movement of goods, ensuring full compliance with tax regulations.

E-Invoice Integration

E-Invoice Integration

Streamline invoice processing and minimize errors by generating E-Invoices directly from your accounting system.

Central Accounting

Central Accounting

Seamlessly manage accounts for multiple retail outlets through one centralized system.

Tally Integration

Tally Integration

Effortlessly sync your accounting data from VasyERP to Tally with integrated capabilities.

User Access and Security

User Access and Security

Safeguard sensitive financial information, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and modify the data.

Cloud-Based Access

Cloud-Based Access

Access your retail store's financial accounting data anytime, anywhere through cloud-based accessibility.

Multi-Currency Support

Multi-Currency Support

Seamlessly manages transactions in different currencies while automatically calculating exchange rates.

Journal Book

Journal Book

Easily record all financial transactions. Ensure accurate bookkeeping and records of transactional activities.

Cash Book

Cash Book

Keep track of cash inflows and outflows, Monitor your cash position anytime, and manage the cash register in digital form.

Trial Balance

Trial Balance

Quickly verify the accuracy of accounting records by preparing a trial balance, with few clicks.

Branch-wise Summary Report

Branch-wise Summary Report

Gain insights into financial performance across different branches with summarized reports.

Expense Register

Expense Register

Easily monitor and categorize expenses, manage costs effectively and identify areas for potential savings.

Balance Sheet Report

Balance Sheet Report

Get a snapshot of the retail store’s financial position, showing assets, liabilities, etc.

Journal Voucher

Journal Voucher

Create detailed records of individual transactions, supporting the accuracy of financial statements.

General Ledger

General Ledger

Maintain a complete and organized record of all accounts, aiding in tracking financial transactions.

GST Returns

GST Returns

Automatically calculate and generate GST returns, ensuring accurate and timely GST filing requirements.

Tax Management

Tax Management

Simplify the process of complying with tax regulations through comprehensive tax management functionalities.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting

Establish financial goals, allocate resources and plan your success story by creating budgets and forecasts.

Simplifying Accounting For
All Retail Business Types

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving retail landscape with our perfect solution that fits your industry-specific needs!

Key Features of
India’s #1 Accounting software

One Software Multiple Functions: Keep Your Retail Store Ahead of Competition

key features of best accounting software in India

Unlock the Power of Integrations
for Accounting Success

Our accounting software is synced with multiple integrations to provide complete retail solutions in a single software

POS system integration

Our Integration Partners

Seamless integration with various hardware devices, platforms, and powerful apps

VasyERP Integration
E-way Bill

Experience Omnichannel Growth
with a Single Platform

From accounting, and GST returns, to e-commerce, and payroll, VasyERP presents one platform for managing all retail operations.

Powerful Accounting Solution
E-Way and E-Invoice Integration
Oversee multiple stores on a single dashboard
Real-time insights for better forecasting
Create and manage online store’s accounting
GST-compliant invoicing and easy return filling
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Why VasyERP is the
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Accounting software with other functionalities and integrations that make running retail stores super easy

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VasyERP: Redesigning Accounting Solutions for Modern Retail Stores

Designed specifically for retail stores, our easy-to-use accounting software will ensure your financial accuracy.

We know how difficult it can be to manage accounting needs for busy retailers like you. From entering sale transactions to preparing balance sheets and profit and loss reports, VasyERP will take all worries from you with its integrated accounting software solution. VasyERP automates most accounting-related activities and leaves you more time to focus on your core retail sales activities.

An outstanding accounting solution customized precisely for retail store functions: 

See improvements in precision, and speed of accounting and access financial reports in real-time 24/7 Don't hesitate to reach out to our implementation team with any questions or queries you may have.

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The cloud-based GST Accounting software is a comprehensive software solution for the accounting needs of Indian retailers. By utilizing cloud-based accounting software, your financial information can be efficiently managed, allowing you to monitor sales, create and distribute invoices, and stay updated on your business's financial performance. The software can manage and maintain ledgers, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, journals, reports, and many more required accounting documents.

This software enables multiple users, including yourself or your accountants, to access and work with the data simultaneously online. The best accounting software for retail like VasyERP is compatible with both Android and Windows devices, providing convenient accessibility through computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The advanced retail accounting solutions enable improved management of accounting activities, effective control of inventory, and valuable financial analysis for all types of retail businesses–including single-store outlets, supermarkets and retail chains.

Deploying Online accounting software for your retail business offers a range of benefits:
  • Access from anywhere
  • Use from any device (tablet, desktop, mobile, laptop)
  • Run on both Windows and Android OS
  • Get real-time financial data
  • No need for paper ledgers
  • Error-free accounting
  • Stay compliant with government regulations
  • User-friendly retail management features
  • Easy scalability as your retail business expands
  • Integrated solutions for all-in-one retail management
  • Less expense on IT infrastructure with cloud abilities
  • No Data loss with backups and secure cloud storage

Check if the online accounting software has all the features that you need: As a retail store owner or supermarket business, your accounting needs are different from other types of businesses. You should identify the specific accounting tasks required for your business. The key features will include Invoicing, Payment Integrations, Expense Tracking, Tax calculations, Bookkeeping, Balance sheet, Trial balance, Ledger, Inventory management and Financial reporting.

Check other USPs: Top unique selling propositions for accounting software include regulatory compliance, scalability, ease of use, security, prompt customer support, customization options etc.

Integrations: Look for key integrations POS, ERP, Omnichannel E-commerce, CRM, Payment Gateways etc. These integrations are important to run all major operations in a retail store.

Cloud-based vs. Traditional: Online accounting software with cloud-based capabilities offers the advantage of accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection which legacy systems don’t offer.

User Reviews: Check Google reviews and seek customer reviews to gauge the satisfaction level of other software owners.

Free Demo: Opt for a free demo before making your final decision regarding the purchase. This gives you first-hand visibility and experience for the software to check if it's worth it for your retail store.

With top features, affordable pricing and retail-focussed modules, VasyERP emerges as the top accounting software in India. VasyERP team also has extensive experience in making retail-focused software products that have been helping retailers strengthen their businesses and keep their stores compliant with existing regulations.

  • VasyERP allows you to link HSN/SAC codes with your products, as well as record the GSTINs for contacts during invoice generation. When you generate a transaction in the future, the required data columns will be automatically filled in.
  • The GST accounting software ensures that all necessary details as mandated by the government regulations are displayed on your bills and invoices, from a place of supply to GST applied on goods and services.
  • You can also file your GST returns directly within VasyERP. The software will calculate your GST liability automatically.

VasyERP's accounting software is extremely intuitive with all modules that are easy to navigate and use. Its user-friendliness makes VasyERP one of the best accounting software in India.

Yes, we are providing customization where needed as per feasibility checks.

All packages include free software upgrades and the latest functionalities, security patches, and updates are added at no additional costs whenever these are released by us.

We have price plans that accommodate stores ranging from standalone retail outlets to supermarkets and multi-chain retail businesses. For pricing, check this page.

VasyERP is dedicated to delivering superior customer service and technical assistance for its customers. We will also help you in migrating your existing accounting data. We offer implementation guidance for a seamless transition to our services.