Solving CRM Challenges With
Smart Retail CRM

VasyERP addresses all retail CRM challenges with its tailored CRM solutions

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Managing Memberships

Membership cards are a great way to have repeat customers. Do you struggle with creating membership cards (both physical and digital memberships)?

Collecting Customer Data

Customer data can help you tailor services & personalize offers. Do you find it difficult to collect and save customer data like name, phone, address, etc?

Generating Coupons/Offers

Shoppers love good deals and discount offers. Do you find it challenging to generate coupons and vouchers and the redeem system?

Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & reviews can greatly help improve the store experience. Do you find it challenging to gather feedback and customer reviews?

ERP Challanges

If yes

Then VasyERP CRM for Retail is the Solution You Need

Retail customer loyalty software coupon management software customer management software retail feedback software

Membership Management

Create memberships, give names to memberships, set membership purchase amounts, and many more without worries.

Coupon Management

Within a few clicks easily create coupons and discount offers that can be redeemed monthly or with a specified minimum purchase amount.

Contact Module

Collect & record names, email, mobile, and WhatsApp numbers, and verify contacts of customers

Feedback & Review

CRM software sends digital invoices via SMS with a feedback link and helps improve store experience

that Your Customers Will Love

Leverage CRM Capabilities for Customer Success Stories

Customer Data on Screen

Customer Data on Screen

VasyERP CRM for retail business shows how many customers you have currently on its opening dashboard itself

Top 20 Customers

Top 20 Customers

Automatically lists and shows the names of the top 20 customers based on their number of bills and sales value

Know VIP Customers

Know VIP Customers

Shows the number of customers that fall under VIP categories based on a minimum 6 visits in the last three months

Regular Customers

Regular Customers

Shows the number and lists of regular customers based on more than 3 visits in last three months

Identify Risk Customers

Identify Risk Customers

Identify and act accordingly with better promotions. Shows the list for those with only one visit in the last 3 months

Regain Lost customers

Regain Lost customers

Show the list of lost customers (who haven’t purchased in the last 3 months). regain them through promotions.



Collect reviews (1-5 Scale), get answers if customers will recommend you or not, and apply filters to see the highest/lowest ratings.

Coupon Data

Coupon Data

Shows important coupon-related data like active coupons, orders with coupons, coupon revenue, discounts given, etc.

Coupon Validity

Coupon Validity

Shows the status of the coupon as active or deactive and prevents any deactive coupon in the billing

Pay Later Verification

Pay Later Verification

Reduce risks for customers who want to pay later by allowing them to pay later but after OTP verification for their contact no

Contact Verification

Contact Verification

An inbuilt module that can verify the contact details submitted by customers and mentions verified/unverified

Anniversary/Birthday Messages

Anniversary /Birthday Messages

Send automated wishing messages on the birthdays or anniversaries of your customers and make them feel valued

Add International Number

Add International Number

For retailers with an international customer base, this feature allows to store international phone numbers

Loyalty Ledger

Loyalty Ledger

Maintain a complete and organized record of current loyalty points issued for each customer including used loyalty points

Receivable/Payable Alerts

Receivable /Payable Alerts

Ensure better financial management by receiving timely notification alerts for receivables/payables

Simplifying CRM For
All Retail Business Types

Stay ahead of your competitors in creating a loyal customer base

Key Features of
India’s #1 CRM for Retail Business

A CRM software that keeps you closer to your customers

key features of best retail pos and crm software

Integrated Modules For All Your
Retail Business Needs

An omnichannel retail CRM that also provides inventory management, accounting, e-commerce store, and POS

POS system integration

Our Integration Partners

Seamless integration with various hardware devices, platforms, and powerful apps

VasyERP Integration
E-way Bill

Experience Omnichannel CRM
for Retail Business

From accounting, and GST returns, to e-commerce, and payroll, VasyERP presents one platform for managing all retail operations.

Integrated CRM Solution
Manage Inventory and Customers
Multi-store management
Real-time business and customer Analytics
Manage online store
POS with GST-compliant invoicing
ntegrated crm solution for retail
                                crm software with inventory management 
                                crm for multiple stores
                                customer management software
                                crm for online stores
                                crm software with accounting

integrated crm solution for retail

integrated crm solution for retail

crm for multiple stores

customer management software

crm for online stores

crm software with accounting
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Why VasyERP is the
Best CRM For Retail Stores in India?

CRM for retail businesses with inbuilt functionalities for A to Z retail store management

15,000+ Merchants Who
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India’s Most Trusted ERP
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VasyERP: A Thoughtful CRM for Customer-Centric Retail Stores

Our easy-to-use CRM for retail business will ensure your customer success!

VasyERP, India's #1 CRM Software for retail businesses, has been meticulously designed by retail experts to cater to your specific needs. With a focus on customer engagement and streamlined operations, our CRM for retail stores is your key to increased customer count and retail success. VasyERP feedback and review feature helps engage customers post-purchase through feedback collection, personalized greetings for special occasions, coupon management software, VIP customer recognition, rewarding regular customers, identifying at-risk customers, regaining lost customers, and effective customer data management.

An outstanding CRM solution customized precisely for retail store functions: 

CRM solution ensures ongoing customer engagement, loyalty, and repeat business. See improvements in customer satisfaction ratio, increased sales, and get better reviews by deploying our next-generational retail CRM with advanced integrations.

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FAQ! Need Help?

We've got you covered

Retail Customer Relationship Management software is a specific solution created to assist retailers in effectively managing and enhancing their customer interactions. Retail store owners have specific customer-related needs like they need a CRM with inbuilt offer management software, coupon management software, discount management module, loyalty management module, and customer database management module. Its purpose is to gather and analyze customer data, monitor purchases, and customize marketing strategies. CRM for retailers will aid with loyalty program management, and coupon generation, and improve customer engagement, ultimately leading to an enhanced customer experience and increased sales.

Deploying CRM for your retail business unleashes a plethora of benefits:
  • Use from any device
  • Access from anywhere
  • Run on both Windows and Android OS
  • Get real-time customer data
  • Reduced infrastructure costs, as there is no need for on-premises servers and maintenance.
  • Enhanced data security with cloud providers' robust measures.
  • Seamless integration with other retail systems like POS, e-commerce, and payment systems for a unified experience.
  • User-friendly retail CRM management features
  • No customer data loss due to regular backups

To choose the best CRM for retail business, consider the following factors:

  • Retail-specific features: Look for software tailored to retail needs, such as coupon and loyalty program management.
  • Check other Unique capabilities: Top unique selling propositions for CRM for retail stores include multi-store management, regulatory compliance, scalability, ease of use, security, prompt customer support, customization options, etc.
  • Analytics capabilities: Ensure it can provide customer analytics, retail business analytics to help you improve your current processes.
  • Customer support: Opt for software with reliable customer support to address any issues promptly.
  • Pricing: Evaluate the cost and select a solution that aligns with your budgetary requirements.
  • Cloud-based vs. Traditional: Cloud-based CRM software provides the advantage of accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, unlike traditional legacy systems.
  • User Reviews: See Google reviews and seek feedback from other software owners to assess their level of satisfaction.
  • Free Demo: Try a free demonstration before you finalize your purchase decision. It allows you to get a clear understanding and firsthand interaction with the software, helping you determine its value for your retail outlet.
  • Integrations: Search for essentials like integrated POS, ERP, Omnichannel E-commerce, Payment Gateways, and so on. Such integrations are crucial for handling all significant functions in a retail store.

It's essential to assess your specific business needs, but one popular CRM in India for retailers is VasyERP. It offers a range of retail-focused features, cloud-based accessibility, seamless integration, and a dedicated support team. However, you should research and compare different CRM options to determine which one aligns best with your particular retail requirements.

Yes, you can manage customers from multiple retail stores using CRM software designed for multi-store management. Our CRM for retail business supports multi-store management, allowing you to maintain a unified customer database and manage promotions, loyalty programs, and customer data across all your retail locations from a central platform. This ensures consistent customer engagement and a cohesive brand experience across your stores

VasyERP provides a highly intuitive CRM interface, equipped with modules that are simple to navigate, making it one of India's top CRM for retail business.

Indeed, we offer customization based on feasibility evaluations to address your unique business needs

Every package comes with complimentary upgrades that include the most recent features, security enhancements, and updates without any extra charges, as and when they are rolled out by us.

We offer a variety of price plans that cater to different business sizes from solitary retail businesses to supermarkets and extensive retail chains. For detailed pricing information, please refer to this page.

VasyERP is committed to providing exceptional client support and technical help for our customers. We provide step-by-step instructions for a smooth shift to our services.