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We are on a drive to make the retail industry more efficient.


VasyERP, is the future of retail. From empowering diverse industries to leveraging their true potential with features like Smart Retail, Omni-Channel management, and Hybrid-POS.

Small and Medium Enterprise have always found themselves very starched out while finding a comprehensive cloud based ERP and POS solution provider that able to catch up with express growth. Due to high prices, the small and medium entrepreneurs can’t purchase ERP and cloud solutions which proved a big downfall in SME’s Sector.

VasyERP is empowering SMEs to tackle the capacity of ERP and POS without any compromising. VasyERP has developed a game changing business intelligence software where any Small & Medium entrepreneurs can utilize this solution in their business and witness aggressive expansion in their business.

In August 2021, VasyERP has been Funded by Reliance Industries.
Vasy Means? Watch How!
VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vision & Mission

VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vision: To shape the future of the retail industry by providing a one-stop, tech driven and yet user friendly Cloud based ERP software.

A Mission to Accelerate Success: To make the retail industry more organized with technology and data-oriented solutions.

Our Values
Customers First

Our company exists to assist Indian retailers in growing more efficiently. Our measures and decisions are solely focused on providing better and more helpful service to retailers.

Never Settle

To become one of India's leading cloud-based ERP providers, unrivalled vision, innovation, and execution were required, and this is only the beginning of innovating the Indian retail landscape.

Make a Difference Every Day

We approach each day with an unwavering determination to make a meaningful impact through innovative solutions, fuelled by our boundless creativity, unbridled passion, and tireless work ethic.

Team on a Mission

What makes us successful is our collective efforts as a team, united in our mission to assist our customers. With humility and ambition, we work together to achieve greatness.

Company History Timeline

A Journey That Is Transforming Retail Businesses


In August 2021, VasyERP has been Funded by Reliance Industries.


To help clients reach customers through various channels, VasyERP started providing omni-channel e-commerce & smart retail features.


VasyERP now has over 150 employees providing high-quality services to 12,000+ clients across various retail sectors.


VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Dharmendra Ahuja, with just two employees.


In the Indian retail market, VasyERP launched its first version of ERP software.


The company expanded its product offerings in Gujarat and other regions of the country.


VasyERP expanded its operations to additional Indian cities and states and grew quickly.


In order to expand its offerings, VasyERP launched new features like data analytics, Hybrid POS and mobile applications.


VasyERP provided remote implementation and support services to help clients transition to remote work and online business models during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Behind the Name of Vasy

Vasy, comes from

'Va' from Validation and
'Sy' from System.

In French, the meaning of Vasy
is also to 'Go Ahead',
Pronouced Va - sy

VasyERP was established with an ambition to validate the system of any business. Hence, the brand name, Vasy, which reflects our commitment to enable businesses to reach their fullest potential with ease

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Dedicated Team Who Committed to Providing Excellent Customer Service


Customer Acquisition Team

I have been able to contribute to the company's success through my sales efforts, thanks to the support of my seniors and co-founders.


Customer Success Team

Our team provides excellent service and long-term relationships with clients, the company's support and resources enable them to excel and make a difference in their businesses.


Project Management Team

The management team is approachable & interested in the success of each employee, creating a positive work culture that values collaboration, creativity, & career growth.


Intern Software Developer Team

VasyERP provides a friendly and encouraging environment to learn and grow as a smart developer, and the team is knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge.


Design and Development Team

VasyERP offers a fun work environment with team leads available to help, guide, & make work easier. They are motivated & empowered to provide best service, which is reflected in positive feedback.


Software Development Team

We as developers are responsible for developing code on demand and changing the lives of our users, which gave us a vision and kept us moving.

Whom Do We Serve?

We serve all types of retail businesses with our comprehensive solutions that are designed for various retail business verticals

15,000+ Merchants
Who Makes Us

India’s most trusted all-in-one ERP
for retail industry

VasyERP Client VasyERP Client
VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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