VASY have worked a lot with client into plastics industry like PP Woven Sack, Woven Bag, Non Woven Bag, HDPE / PVC pipe, Reclaimed Rubber Industry, Plastic Molding Manufacturers. Our customer consists of manufacturers of auto plastic components like plastic molded components like auto parts, packaging parts, computer peripherals, electric parts as well as manufacturers which are into woven sack, geosynthetics material, woven bag, non woven sacks, woven fabrics, etc. Using our ERP software for plastic molded, we have mapped major processes that involve injection molding and vacuum forming.

  • Metal
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Casting & Foundry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical Ind
  • Electronics & Solar
  • Cement
  • EPC & Infrastructure
  • Ceramic
Metal Industry Metal Industry Raw material chemical and physical characteristics are managed at the tag or heat level and upstream and downstream usage analytics are always available. Mill Test Reports and Material Certifications are built-in to VASY ERP and can be delivered automatically with various customer facing documents.
Plastic and Rubber Industry Plastic and Rubber Industry This complex process can be simply summed up as “Reviewing every task you do presently, eliminating those which are not necessary and simplifying or optimizing the ones that can, using the best technology available.”
Casting & Foundry Industry Casting & Foundry Industry VASY Cast ERP is useful for Iron Foundry, Steel Sand Foundry, Investment Casting, Loss Wax & Lost Foam Casting Industries. VASY Cast ERP has developed basic framework of software as customized project and later our system designing team has upgraded in advance Casting / Foundry ERP. At current this product is up to the mark for sand casting foundries.
Food & Beverage Industry Food & Beverage Industry VASY delivers fully-integrated food ERP software functionality for leading food and beverage processors and distributors. Designed to meet continuously evolving and expanding industry regulatory and compliance requirements, VASY provides comprehensive, configurable food ERP software solutions to enable industry best practices and meet industry regulatory requirements for today, tomorrow and the future.
Chemical Industry Chemical Industry For companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals,and allied products, it can be difficult to efficiently manage day-to-day operations while also staying up-to-date on formulations, material requirements planning changing regulations, increasing competition, and industry globalization.
Electronics & Solar Industry Electronics & Solar Industry VASY believes that flexibility is required to thrive in the electronics, solar, and electrical equipment business. Amid a global, increasingly regulated and competitive landscape, and customers’ changing demands, you must stay one step ahead in terms of product quality, manufacturing costs, and on-time deliveries.
Cement Industry Cement Industry The VASY ERP can support multiple factories and warehouses, different types of transactions (domestic & foreign) and even integrate with systems at vendors or customers end. The VASY ERP solution has been developed keeping in mind the unique needs of a process industry like cement.
EPC & Infrastructure Industry EPC & Infrastructure Industry User-friendliness, fast accessibility of data, intuitive ergonomics and transparent menu-structures are some of the most distinctive attributes of VASY Infra ERP. VASY Infra ERP is useful for Construction Industry, Project Industry, Builders & any type of Infrastructure Industry.
Glass & Ceramic Industry Glass & Ceramic Industry VASY has industry-leading experience in serving full service glass shops become more beneficial.VASY is specialised in ERP solution for ceramic industry which covers Sales, Depot Management, Production, Inventory, HR, Maintenance, Finance parts.Our business management solution is the only invention in the market that seamlessly incorporates the needs auto and flat glass markets.

The key is in defining products according to plastic specific relevant processes that are truly structured efficiently to determine your product Bill Of Materials and all the required production parameters and cost elements. For that purpose, we have made our software “Plastic User friendly” with Plastic Day-to-Day terms you understand to incorporate the most efficient way to define a Plastic Extrusion operations as follows:

This complex process can be simply summed up as “Reviewing every task you do presently, eliminating those which are not necessary and simplifying or optimizing the ones that can, using the best technology available.” It is not a make work program but contrarily it is a work eliminator, implementing the most efficient workflow methods possible to take back control of your business.

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Key Modules & Features for PLASTIC & RUBBER Industry

  • Sales Quotation Costing
  • Job Estimation
  • Customer Credit Check
  • Order based Manufacturing
  • Production Campaigns
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Shift Confirmation-Yield
  • Multi-plant Planning
  • Scrap Accounting
  • Scrap and Regrind Stock Handling
  • Product Costing
  • Batch & Serial Management
  • Quality Management
  • Production Planning on Material /Man / Machine
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management Plant Maintenance
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Calibration Management
  • Bar Code / RFID Management
  • MRP 1 Management
  • MRP 2 Management
  • Schedule wise Production Planning Management
  • Online Order Integration


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