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grocery billing software


grocery billing software

No more manual bills. VasyERP empower your grocery store with automated invoicing, easy billing and integrated payment gateways

  • Sales Invoices
  • Weigh sale integration
  • Cash Tender

Inventory Management

grocery store management system

Receive Real-time inventory updates, know which stocks need reordering, and handle multiple product variants easily in your grocery store.

  • Stock Control and Verification
  • Barcode and Label Generator
  • Low Stock Alerts
grocery store management system
accounting software for grocery store


accounting software for grocery store

Now don’t worry about balance sheets, ledgers, and expense management with our inbuilt financial accounting module with GST compatibility.

  • Balance Sheet
  • GST-returns
  • Expense Management

Run Your Grocery Store Business Like a Pro
With VasyERP’s Top Features

Specifically designed features to run your grocery shop without hassle

GST-Compliant Billing

GST-Compliant Billing

Stock Management

Stock Management

Brand-wise Stock Management

Brand-wise Stock Management


Stock Fast and Least Selling

Offers and Discount Management

Offers and Discount Management

Multiple Billing Counter

Multiple Billing Counter

WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Integration

UPI Integration

UPI Integration

Share Invoices on Mobile

Share Invoices on Mobile

Return and Exchanges

Return and Exchanges

Stock Verification

Stock Verification

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Experience Now

Handle Multiple Grocery Store Branches and Franchises

Look After Your Multiple Grocery Store Outlets, Inventory, and Customers from a Single Location Using Our Platform.

multi store grocery software multi store grocery software

All Your Requirements Under One Roof

Our Grocery Store Platform Delivers All the Essentials Required to Manage Your Daily Grocery Operations in One Place.

Powerful POS Solution
Manage Multiple Stores Anywhere, anytime!
Manage your inventory and barcode
Manage multiple payment modes
Reports That Improve Forecasting and Analytics
Launch Online store
grocery store pos software multi branch grocery software grocery store inventory software grocery store billing software grocery store business software cloud based grocery store software

grocery pos software

multi branch grocery software

grocery inventory software

grocery billing software

grocery business software

cloud based grocery software
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Why VasyERP ?

Grocery Billing Software with All Features and Integrations for the Grocery Stores.

Seamless Integrations With Multiple Platforms

Our Grocery Store Management Software Integrates with a Range of Platforms, and Applications and Possesses Multi-Device Operability

VasyERP Integration
E-way Bill

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Choose Us

India’s Most Trusted ERP
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Our Customers

VasyERP: Innovative Solutions
for Modern Grocery Stores

pos software for grocery store
Designed specifically for grocery stores, our flawless Billing software for Grocery Stores is easy to implement and use

We understand the diverse challenges faced by grocery store owners- billing, stock management and payments are top operations that grocers want solutions for running their stores without worrying. Also, grocery store owners need automated systems to manage peak times and avoid delays. Bring VasyERP to your store, and see the difference yourself.

An outstanding billing and invoicing solution customized precisely for your Grocery Store!

See improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business!

Don't hesitate to reach out to our implementation team with any questions or queries you may have.

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VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
VasyERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

VasyERP working for you to build your business super efficient

Get product demo so you’re confident it’s the right fit. stay focused on what you’re good at and let us improve your store experience and efficiency.

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FAQ! Need Help?

We've got you covered

Grocery Software is a fast, reliable, and comprehensive solution designed to automate and streamline grocery store operations. The software helps grocery shop owners to manage all key store operations with features that include: Sales, Purchase, POS, Inventory management, E-commerce, Accounting, CRM, GST taxation, Barcoding, Loyalty programs, and more. From single outlets to multiple chain stores, the technologically advanced grocery store solution facilitates better control over store activities, improved customer service, efficient inventory control, and insightful analytics. It also helps with intricate operations including tracking product expiries, managing home deliveries, etc.

Deploying Grocery Store Software offers a range of benefits:
  • Efficient Sales
  • Expedited Checkouts
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Easy Stock Management
  • Improved Customer Assistance
  • Real-time Sales Data
  • Refined Loyalty Schemes
  • Better Discount Management

  • Understand What You Need to Run Your Grocery Store Better: First, think about what your store really needs. Consider things like what you sell, how you keep track of your stuff, and anything special about your business.
  • Make a List of Key Features You Need: Seek grocery store software that delivers key functionalities like stock management, a point-of-sale (POS) system, Accounting, CRM, Billing and invoicing, and reporting. Additional features could be – loyalty schemes, an online store, etc.
  • Effortless Navigation: The software must have an intuitive interface that is straightforward to navigate. It should be easy to grasp without requiring rigorous training sessions.
  • Cloud-hosted vs. In-house Hosted: Cloud-based applications provide adaptability and accessibility from virtually anywhere with internet availability.
  • Security: Buy billing software for grocery stores that has security measures for payments, customer data, financials, and other sensitive inventory information.
  • Customer Support: Choose a software vendor who provides superior customer service. During the initial setup and regular operation, you may face difficulties or need clarifications; having prompt assistance can make a world of difference.
  • Feedback and Reviews: Conduct research on user feedback, Google reviews, etc. to gauge the satisfaction level of other grocery store owners using that particular software. Look out for comments about ease of use, client support, and overall efficiency.
  • Free Demo: Opt for a free demo before making your final decision regarding the purchase. This lets you try the software and see if it's good for your store.

Key Features of VasyERP Grocery Store Software are:

  • Item Variants
  • Multiple Variants
  • Weigh Sale Integration
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Returns/Credit Notes
  • Refund & Exchanges
  • Expiry Management
  • Stock Ageing
  • Barcode Generation
  • Labeling
  • Card Swipe Integration
  • UPI Integration
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Cash Tender
  • Cashier Register Tracking
  • Centralize Inventory
  • E-Way Bill Integration
  • E-Invoice Integration
  • Customer Purchase Behaviour & History
  • Advance Payment & Settlement

VasyERP's Grocery software offers an easy-to-navigate user interface. Although the software is super-easy to use and highly intuitive, demo and training ensure that you and your staff can fully utilize its capabilities and benefits. Training and assistance will be provided to your team as required.

Yes, we are providing customization where needed as per feasibility checks.

All packages include free software upgrades and the latest functionalities, security improvements, and enhancements are added at no additional costs whenever these are released by us.

Regardless of the scale and size of your store, our innovative solutions proficiently serve all types of grocery stores. We have diverse cost plans that accommodate stores ranging from standalone grocery outlets to multichannel grocery operations and even extensive chains of grocery businesses.

VasyERP is dedicated to delivering superior customer service and technical assistance for its Grocery Store software. We offer implementation guidance to guarantee a seamless transition, ensuring that you can enjoy the full efficiency of our software.