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How to Grow Your Garment/Clothing Store Business?

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So you have started a retail garment/clothing store and now you are looking to grow your garment/clothing store? Fair enough. But growing a garment business isn’t as easy as starting one. 

Simply put, growing a business means having more customers (and yes happy ones), high income, and increased profits. It can also include expanding business by opening more garment stores (a chain of stores) or establishing an online identity. While such success doesn’t happen in one day, with the right strategy and perfect retail software for garment stores your garment retail business will surely scale over time. 

In this post, we will help you with some practical tips and strategies that you can employ to drive more customers in and increase your garment store revenue. 

Strategies and Key Considerations to Grow Your Garment/Clothing Store: 

Key Considerations to Grow Your Garment/Clothing Store

#1 Focus on customer analytics 

First and foremost understand your target customers and their wants. Once you know whom you are dressing, it becomes easy to plan the next step. Conduct market research and determine top-selling and highly demanded product lines among your target audience. Look for the latest fashion and trending styles and add them to your collection. 

Keep watch on your competitors, check out what other stores are offering, compare prices, and see what trends they’re following. Keeping your store up to date with the latest fashion will help in positioning it in the market. 

Also, you need to measure key metrics like top-value customers, customers who buy regularly, customers who have stopped buying from you etc. to make further marketing efforts based on such insights. 

#2 Develop a marketing and promotional strategy 

The name Marketing strategy may look expensive but it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, especially in this digital era. There are many best garment store software solutions that can help you in marketing and promoting your stores. Create and announce discounts and exciting deals by using the software and land directly in customers’ WhatsApp with contact module and WhatsApp Integration offered by garment store software.

Build a digital email list of your customers. Tell them that your email subscribers get special discounts, promotions, and notification of new arrivals. 

Quick Tip
You can create and digitally store customer profiles, personalized offers, feedback & reviews all in one place using VasyERP’s garment store software for retailers. 

Everyone loves a good deal. To woo your regular customers you can reward them with loyalty programs and discounts. Flash clearance sales, seasonal off, festive discounts, and student discounts are some of the ways to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. 

Apart from this, share eye-catching photos and videos of your latest arrivals and connect with your audience via social media posts. Having your own store’s website, blog, and social media accounts is a huge plus for business. 

Focus on building a brand identity that reflects your unique style. Imagine a catchy name and craft a logo that stands out. Having a brand identity helps customers to identify and connect with you.

#3 Expand the Product line and keep adding newer styles

Adding more product categories caters to a wide range of customers. For example, if you sell kids or infant wear, adding maternity wear, baby products, and baby shower gifts can be a wise decision for upselling.  

The best part of having a garment or apparel store is – if done right you can never run out of business. Why? Because everyone wears clothes. Not just any clothes, each of them wants to look their best, so they need trendy clothing stores. You can always keep adding trending styles to your collection. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment!  

Offering more styles, colors, or custom fits attracts customers of different tastes and preferences increasing your customer base and sales.

Tickle your creative nerve and create complete outfits by mixing and matching them up with accessories like bags, jewelry, scarves, or shoes. This will create a one-stop-shop experience for your customers. 

Use retail software for garment/apparel stores that can keep records of product variants, and categorize them as per Gender, Size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL), Style (party wear, casuals, designers, formal, trendy, fast fashion etc.), Season (Winter wear, Summer Wear, Rainy Outfits) and more. 

#4 Review store and warehouse layout in an optimal arrangement 

In the world of fashion, presentation matters. A lot. 

Make your store inviting: Your garment store’s decor should complement its clothing line. Use flowers and hangings to make the floor attractive. Ensure bright lighting and comfortable fitting rooms with a pinch of music to elevate the shopping experience. 

Mannequin magic: Mannequins are important for visual merchandising in retail stores. Clothes are not made to hang in hangers, they are made to dress humans. Make sure you use mannequins for retail stores, dress them as per the latest trends, or use them to flaunt your exclusive designer clothes. 

Arrange Clothes and Labels Logically: Properly arranged clothes with clear signs and labels ensure that customers find the product they are looking for. Easily navigable aisles facilitate easy movement throughout the store. 

Quick Tip
The inventory management module of garment store software such as VasyERP can help you optimally manage store and warehouse inventory to prevent unnecessary blocking of store space. 

#5 Go omnichannel with a custom online store or integrate with popular ecommerce marketplaces

With the advent of technology, having an online store is a synonym for trust and retail businesses need ecommerce website more than ever today. Think of it as an extra shopping mall for your customers, plus a way to stay connected and chat about all things clothes! People might ignore you completely if you don’t have an online store. eCommerce platforms can be a powerful tool to boost your garment store sales. Imagine getting your hands on a wider customer base across the country or even globally.

Whether it’s your own custom ecommerce store website, or you want to sell on popular platforms with Shopify or Woocommerce integration, an online presence is super important to increase your reach and widen your customer base. The 24/7 availability of your store drives a high number of sales.

Go Omnichannel With VasyERP 
Use VasyERP retail software to easily create your custom e-store. With VasyEPR you can set up a complete garment store on popular marketplaces with Shopify/Woocommerce Integration. 

#6 Manage inventory and cash flow 

Keep your tabs on cash flow, it’s like the lifeblood of your clothing business. Eliminate the stock types that are draining your money and restock the good ones. Find a balance between your fast-selling inventory and slow-moving products (to avoid cash blockage) and better manage stocks with inventory optimization strategies. Try some outfit-building magic on long-sitting stocks to get them moving or you can offer them at discounted prices or stock clearance sales.  

Know your top and least selling stock with VasyERP
VasyERP garment software comes with features that let you know your best-selling garment styles and least-selling ones. This knowledge can help you effectively reorder inventory that sells fast and creates cash flows.

#7 Invest in Customer Experience

Happy customers are repeat customers. Treat them with the best customer service to give them a memorable experience at your shop. Smiling faces, helpful advice, and genuine human interaction go a long way. The first impression of your store decides the fate of your relationship with your customers. Make them feel valued and comfortable.  

Remember, excellent customer service can do wonders in driving people to your store. It will not only increase footfall in your store but build a positive reputation in the market attracting new customers. Start offering free clothing-related services to your customers like alteration, mending, styling, or custom fits as a gesture of goodwill. 

#8 Invest in a smart POS solution for garment retailers

Technology is revolutionizing every industry and garment retail is not an exception. Give a modern touch to your store, and upgrade your old billing counter with smart POS software. 

A smart retail POS not only boosts your productivity but also improves sales. 

But how?🤔

Modern POS systems aren’t just for billing, they track everything. They automate manual store operations freeing you to do what you love – helping customers and making money. From inventory management to store sales, it gives the control of your store’s performance at your fingertips wherever you are. Smart POS features like faster checkouts, various payment modes, integrated inventory, CRM, and accounting not only provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers but also keep you free from operational tasks. 

Simplify your garment store operations, and grow your profits. Talk to our VasyERP retail store software expert today.
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Bottom Line:

Running a garment store is tough, no matter if you sell designer outfits, branded clothes, or local brands. Successfully driving retail business in this competitive market takes a lot of hard work.  

Embracing technology is key to success in garment retailing. From customer analytics and marketing strategies to inventory management and online presence, leveraging the right technological solutions like VasyERP’s garment store software can significantly enhance your store’s efficiency and profitability. 

While we have shared some of the proven ways to help you grow your garment/clothing business, you can always modify these tips or come up with your ideas. After all, your apparel store is unique, just like you. Just try to look at it from your customer’s perspective, you’ll certainly get some insights.

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