5 Best POS Software for Gift Stores

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5 best pos software for gift store

Looking for the most reliable Gift Shop Point of Sale (POS) software to transform the way you run your gift store? You are right there! Let’s explore India’s 5 Best POS Software for Gift Stores

A POS system goes beyond its basic function as a cash register. It is an all-around solution that takes into account multiple aspects of your gift shop management. From billing and stock management to customer relationships and generating reports, a Gift shop POS system increases productivity and simultaneously offers priceless insights into your business and productivity. 

However, many Gift Store POS software vendors market their POS as the best one and it is difficult for gift shop owners to evaluate the most suitable one for them. Keeping this in mind, we have researched and curated the list of the 5 best POS Software for gift stores, for easy decision-making on your part.

Now, let’s delve into the top POS software solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of a gift shop.

Top 5 Best POS Software for Gift Stores

Best POS Software for Gift Stores
  1. VasyERP
  2. GoFrugal
  3. Shopify
  4. Arirms
  5. Lightspeed

#1 VasyERP GiftStore POS Software

VasyERP’s Point of Sale (POS) system for gift shops stands out amongst its competitors with a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance the efficiency and profitability of gift store businesses. With its integrated cloud-based accounting module, gift shop retailers can access real-time reports (P&L, balance sheets, Expense reports, etc.) 

VasyERP gift shop software offers a GST-billing module, inventory management module, customer relationship management (CRM), Supplier module, and also e-commerce features. It also creates customer profiles and their segmentation based on billing value.  Gift shop retailers can personalize promotions, such as gift vouchers, loyalty points, and special discounts as per customer preferences. Gift Store software’s alerts and notifications ensure that customers are reminded of upcoming special events based on their buying history. 

With VasyERP, gift shop businesses can streamline operations, elevate customer engagement, and ultimately flourish in the competitive retail landscape. 

Best POS Software for Gift Stores

(Source: VasyERP gift store software)

Key Features

  • Know the Gifts that sell the most
  • Barcode and Label Generator
  • Multi-Price Management
  • Cash Tender 
  • Cash Register 
  • Event reminders 
  • Customer birthday reminders,
  • Digital invoices on WhatsApp
  • Error-free GST-compliant Invoices
  • Loyalty and membership management
  • Modern mPOS
  • Stock verification
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Online store management
  • Inbuilt cloud-based accounting module 
  • Hassle-free inventory even in high-demand festive seasons
  • Customer feedback and review

#2 GoFrugal Gift Shop POS

Gofrugal’s Gift Shop POS software is a user-friendly and comprehensive solution designed specifically for specialized retailing in gift shops. This innovative system streamlines inventory management by allowing retailers to categorize and classify Gift products efficiently. GoFrugal Gift Store POS ensures timely replenishment of stock and minimizes manual errors, pilferage, and losses.

GoFrugal’s Alerts feature keeps customers engaged by notifying them of ongoing offers and discounts, creating excitement around special occasions. With this gift store software, manage all store operations seamlessly with both on-premise and Cloud POS solutions, ensuring great control and productivity even with minimal staff and skills. 


(Source: GoFrugal)

Key Features

  • Sort gift articles based on their categories and combination
  • Get real-time business insights during the festive seasons
  • Remind customers in advance about special events, attractive offers and discounts 
  • Know the latest trends from customer shopping patterns
  • Omnichannel solution
  • Specialized loyalty programs, points and schemes
  • Centralized Master data 
  • Integrated accounting

#3 Shopify Gift Store POS System

Shopify POS revolutionizes the gift shop experience by seamlessly integrating online and in-person selling, empowering businesses to manage their entire operations effortlessly. With features tailored for both in-store and online transactions, Shopify’s comprehensive plans encompass e-commerce, secure payment processing, effective marketing tools, insightful analytics, and shipping solutions.

On top of that, you can attract local shoppers with the convenience of in-store pickup, enhancing customer satisfaction and fulfillment. Shopify goes beyond being a point-of-sale solution; it becomes an indispensable companion for gift businesses, ensuring smooth operations and fostering growth on their terms.


(Source: Shopify)

Key Features

  • Omnichannel gift cards
  • Keep track of stock quantities across every sales platform in real time.
  • Utilize product tags and categories to classify goods according to vendor, season, price, and promotion, among others.
  • Enhance customer loyalty and incentivize repeat buying by enabling them to accumulate and use points. 
  • Preserve and fetch carts to cater to numerous customers simultaneously.

#4 Arirms Gift Shop POS

Ari’s Gift Shop POS System allows unique SKU customization, allowing each product to have distinct properties, images, and prices. The system facilitates swift transactions, enabling Gift store owners to bill customers promptly. It supports multi-currency transactions.

One can use the ‘Stock Adjustment’ feature to address damaged inventory and seamlessly transfer stocks between multiple location stores with Stock In and Stock Out functionalities. The Ari POS System for Gift Shops enables scanning barcodes, conducting real-time product searches, and accepting both cash and digital payments. 


(Source: Arirms Gift Shop POS)

Key Features

  • You can sort gifts using the price range filter.
  • Add Barcodes and Serial Numbers to each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Sort products based on name, specifications, barcode, price range, etc. 
  • Consolidate inventory data across different stores
  • Check stock status and add promotions for slow-moving gift inventory
  • Use in-built templates for promotional offers
  • You can manage custom gift requests by creating ‘Job Cards’

#5 Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed’s POS software for gift shops offers a seamless and personalized experience for both customers and staff. The customer profiles feature ensures that your regular customers receive consistent and tailored service. The system facilitates easy special orders, enabling customers to find the perfect gift even if it’s not in stock.

The mPOS enhances flexibility, allowing transactions to be settled anywhere in-store, improving cash flow and customer loyalty without additional fees.

Lightspeed’s comprehensive solution empowers gift shops to elevate their customer service, drive loyalty, and streamline operations effortlessly.


(Source: Lightspeed Retail Gift Store POS)

Key Features

  • Effortless online sales with user-friendly e-commerce
  • Integrated tools for search engine optimization
  • Convenience of gift cards that can be used both online and in-store
  • Effectively manage orders from multiple vendors 
  • Built-in purchase orders
  • Personalized tags and categories for inventory
  • Setting up automatic reorder points
  • Access comprehensive reports and monitor inventory data


The curated list provides a comprehensive overview of the top 5 gift store POS that address the unique challenges faced by gift shop owners.

VasyERP emerges as a standout choice with its integrated functionalities. Other top services like GoFrugal, Shopify, Arirms and LightSpeed Retail provide distinct features that cater to the varying requirements of a gift store. 

To delve deeper into these options, think about scheduling a free demo to experience firsthand the potential improvement these software tools can bring to your gift store’s functionality.

Are you ready to grow your Gift Store business?
Contact us for a free demo on how our Gift Store POS will benefit your Gift Store business! 


Q1. What is a POS system for gift stores?

The POS (Point of Sale) system in a gift store is an all-inclusive tool that transcends conventional cash registers. It unifies multiple facets of gift shop management, including invoicing, inventory control, CRM, and reporting. Gift store POS simplifies in-store processes and keeps gift shops efficient. 

Q2. How do I choose the appropriate POS system for my gift store?

Choosing a suitable POS system for your gift shop is key to business prosperity. Consider elements like user-friendliness, inventory control features, CRM, e-commerce compatibility, and reporting capabilities. Make sure that the POS system can cater to the unique needs of a gift shop, like custom-made promotions, discounts, and loyalty/memberships management. Also, read Google reviews of the software provider and ask for a free demo before investing. 

Q3. What makes VasyERP the preferred POS system for gift stores? 

VasyERP sets the benchmark as the top point-of-sale system for gift shops, credited to its extensive suite of features, multi-store management capabilities, and affordability. It provides an integrated cloud-based accounting module, omnichannel e-commerce for creating and managing online gift stores, and other smart functions enabling gift shop retailers to run their stores like pros. 

Q4. How does a POS system like VasyERP assist gift stores during holiday/festive seasons with high demand for Gift products? 

VasyERP facilitates seamless inventory management during festive seasons avoiding stock shortages and ensuring fast service. VasyERP gift shop billing software

  • Sends alerts for high-demand items to aid in identifying sought-after gifts. 
  • Initiates Targeted marketing centered around customers’ birthdays and anniversaries,
  • Personalizes the shopping experience
  • Embeds cloud-based accounting features
  • Allows online store handling along with physical store management

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