5 Best POS Software for Book Store

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best pos software for book store

When you’re on the hunt for a bookstore POS software that can simultaneously monitor the book inventory, this selected list of the top 5 bookstore software is just what you need.

Whether you want to manage multiple bookstores, centralize your inventory, or send promotional offers to your regular bookstore customers about new arrivals/bestsellers, integrated bookstore POS software is the perfect choice. 

From faster and more accurate billing transactions with automated GST invoicing to focused promotions for marketing, bookstore software lets you take full control of your daily bookstore activities. It is super easy to manage book inventory (author, date, publication-wise) with the bookstore software. 

However, as multiple options might confuse bookstore owners in choosing the most suitable software for their stores, we have shortlisted the best bookstore POS and inventory management systems for easy decision-making.

Top 5 Bookstore POS Software

top 5 bookstore pos software

#1  VasyERP BookStore POS Software

VasyERP stands out as a comprehensive bookstore billing software that enables quick and accurate GST billing through barcode scanning. VasyERP’s invoicing capabilities, coupled with its inventory management features, help bookstores organize their inventory, avoid stockouts, and increase customer satisfaction. 

With years of experience and a highly satisfied customer base (check VasyERP Google reviews), VasyERP stands tall among its competitors in the Bookstore POS category.

The system’s ability to generate GST-compliant invoices and support multiple payment modes enhances the overall financial management of book retailers. With its custom e-commerce module, bookstore owners can also open their online bookstore and sell digitally along with their physical store. 

best pos software for book store

(Source: VasyERP bookstore software)

Key Features

  • Precise Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Barcode and Label Generator
  • Stock alerts for highest/lowest selling
  • Digital invoices on WhatsApp
  • GST-compliant invoices
  • Loyalty points management
  • Customer database and profiling
  • Returns and refunds
  • Discount and Offers management
  • Smart CRM module
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • New arrival reminders
  • Custom online bookstore
  • Multiple payment integration
  • Error-free invoicing
  • UPI gateway
  • Tax Calculation
  • GST returns
Manage bookstore inventory, billing, and customer relations with the best bookstore software solution in the market! 
Contact VasyERP for a free demo now! 

#2 GoFrugal Bookstore Software

GoFrugal POS solution for bookstores offers several advantages that cater specifically to the dynamic needs of the bookstore business. One notable benefit is the ability to redeem loyalty points from any store, facilitated by centralized loyalty management with OTP authentication, gift vouchers, and discount coupons. 

Furthermore, the system minimizes the risk of lost sales by allowing users to look up stocks from other stores, facilitating effective inventory management, and ensuring that no potential sales slip away due to zero stock. 

Overall, GoFrugal’s bookstore software provides a comprehensive solution that enhances operational efficiency, optimizes inventory management, and contributes to overall business growth.

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(Source: GoFrugal)

Key Features

  • Track book category, 
  • Search books by author name, genre,
  • Track books with ISBN
  • Smart ‘reordering’ enables timely procurement 
  • Stay informed about market demands and tendencies 
  • Efficiently handle product returns and replacements

#3 Celerant Bookstore POS System

Celerant’s software for bookstore inventory management of both new and used books has the necessary features required for bookstores to operate more effectively. This includes a direct link with top distributors such as Ingram, providing you instant connectivity from your point-of-sale system to a real-time inventory of over 30,000 publishers. 

The book inventory system they provide enables you to place orders, verify costing, check stock quantities, carry out sales operations using EMV chip card devices, returns, and provide gift receipts, among other features.

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(Source: Celerant)

Key Features

  • Mobile POS system
  • E-commerce website
  • Loyalty rewards for customers
  • Enhance your online presence using social media and digital advertising strategies 
  • Gain access to a vast collection of both current and discontinued books from more than 30,000 publishers 
  • Utilize sophisticated reporting tools to identify customer preferences 
  • Establish a comprehensive eCommerce

#4 LightSpeed Retail for Bookstores

Lightspeed Retail, designed to run on iPads, offers a high-end POS solution with features that seamlessly align with bookstore operations. Its multi-store inventory management, eCommerce integration, and advanced reporting make it a powerful choice. 

The system’s ability to create purchase orders, manage work orders, and organize inventory by description and genre contributes to efficient bookstore management. Lightspeed’s user-friendly interface, combined with its robust features, positions it as a top-tier solution for book retailers.

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(Source:  LightSpeed Retail)

Key Features

  • Excellent integrated eCommerce
  • Strong reporting and analytics
  • Advanced inventory management features
  • Undemanding learning curve with iPad hardware   
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Use tags to sort your inventory (Genre, Author, Cover Type)
  • View customers’ preferred genre 

#5 Korona Cloud POS

Korona Cloud POS presents an attractive option for new bookstores, offering a range of inventory management tools and features at an affordable price. With a customizable interface and continually updated features, Korona scales with the growing needs of a bookstore. 

Its multi-store capability, loyalty integration features, and the ability to track customer preferences make it a suitable choice for those starting out in the bookstore business. 

While it may lack some advanced features, Korona’s affordability and scalability make it a noteworthy option for new entrants in the industry.

Key Features

  • Easy to scale with
  • Excellent free trial
  • More affordable                                                                                                                                       
  • Vendor Relations and Automation.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Multi-Vertical Options.
  • Theft Prevention Tools.
  • Order Preferences and Histories.
  • Accounting Software Integration.
  • eCommerce Integration.
  • Bookstore Promotional Pricing. 


Choosing the perfect POS system for your bookshop requires evaluating multiple aspects like features, expertise, budget, and software quality. Each of the discussed options, such as VasyERP, Gofrugal, Lightspeed Retail, Celerant, and Korona Cloud POS, provide distinct features that cater to varying requirements.

Implementing a bookstore POS and inventory system can significantly enhance efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction in bookshops, ensuring they remain competitive in the constantly changing retail environment. 

To delve deeper into these options, think about scheduling a complimentary demonstration to experience firsthand the potential improvement they can bring to your bookstore’s functionality.

Are you ready to grow your bookstore business exponentially?

Contact us for a free demo on how our Bookstore POS will work wonders for you! 


Q1. What is Bookstore Software?

Bookstore software, also known as bookstore inventory software or bookstore billing system, is a specialized application tailored for bookstore owners to enhance the efficient management of their businesses. Renowned retail software solution providers like VasyERP offer comprehensive features catering to single-store book-selling ventures and multi-branch bookstore chains.

Notably, it automates the ordering process, identifies bestsellers, segments customers as per their bills into various categories, integrates loyalty programs, and allows businesses to expand seamlessly to multiple locations. 

Integrated payment functions and mPOS further contribute to the usage and functionality of bookstore systems, making them indispensable for streamlining and optimizing various aspects of bookstore operations.

Q2:  Which is the best POS for a Bookstore?

VasyERP is one of the top bookstore POS software available in the market considering its vast features, expertise, price, and support. Other top-rated POS systems for bookstores include GoFrugal POS, Celerant, Lightspeed Retail, and Korona Cloud POS. 

Q3: What role does a POS system play in managing inventory for bookstores? 

A POS system revolutionizes inventory management by offering immediate updates, enabling barcode scanning, and issuing alerts when stock levels are low. It provides precise reports on inventory status, and sales patterns, and assists in making well-informed decisions regarding restocking and the overall management of inventory.

Q4: What aspects should booksellers consider while selecting a POS system?

Booksellers should focus on characteristics like instant inventory refreshes, barcode scanning capabilities, alerts for low stock, tools for ordering purchases, inbuilt payment processing, retail analytics and reports for bookstores, and limitless inventory items. The system’s reviews from users, its popularity, and its ability to scale up are other vital factors to consider.

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