5 Best POS Software for Pet Stores

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5 best pos software for pet stores

Are you looking for the best POS software for Pet stores to manage your pet business? You are on the right page! 

If you are feeling overwhelmed while managing your pet store? You are not alone. Running a pet store can be a ruff, especially when your Point-of-Sale is stuck in the past. Plus managing inventory, accounting, and online sales (if you also have an online store), can be extremely stressful. 

Also, managing customer relations, grievances, refunds, returns, and queries further complicates the business. 

However, all these challenges will go away if you can deploy a suitable pet store software or Pet store POS system with integrated functionalities to handle all key pet store operations. It’s high time for pet shop owners and retailers to embrace modern solutions and upgrade their pet stores with cutting-edge technologies like Pet store software. 

Why Do Pet Store Owners Need a Modern POS System? 

Running a pet store is amazing, but managing inventory, sales, and happy pet parents can feel pretty tough sometimes. A traditional POS system lacks the robustness that you need to drive your business in this severely competitive market. This is why you need a cloud-based pet store software that has features for processing transactions in seconds, having real-time stock updates, and offering loyalty programs that keep customers coming back for more. 

So what more modern Pet Store POS software do for you?

  • Streamline pet store operations 
  • Achieve faster POS transactions & checkouts
  • Monitor sales and store performance
  • Track store inventory 
  • Enhance customer engagement 
  • Maintain customer profiles
  • Gain valuable data anytime, anywhere
  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary wait times

5 Best POS Software for pet stores

Now that you know how a POS can transform your pet store business, let’s take a tour around some of the best Pet store POS software available in the market. 

Here, we have curated a list of the 5 best Pet store POS software and briefly explained the benefits they offer.  

top 5 best POS software for pet stores

#1 VasyERP Pet Store POS System

VasyERP is not just a POS software it is a complete store management solution, your reliable companion. It is a cloud-based POS that enables a faster mobile checkout process from anywhere at any time. With VasyERP’s inventory tracking feature, you’ll never say out of stock again. It keeps track of the store’s inventory to save you from time-consuming stock-maintenance hassles. 

Your most valuable asset is your customers and VasyERP’s new-age features like customer segmentation, loyalty rewards, and discounts deepen your relationships with them. Happy customers, more business.

Not only this, VasyERP’s smart POS software offers GST-integrated billing and accounting to kick out your tax worries.

hero 2

Source: VasyERP

Key Features

  • Easy and fast billing (POS)
  • GST billing
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • UPI integration
  • Barcode generation and printing
  • Location-wise stock management
  • Supplier/Vendor management
  • Pet product expiry alerts
  • Real-time stock alerts
  • Mobile application (mPOS)
  • Omnichannel sales with an online website  
  • Accounting, P&L, Bookkeeping
  • Woocommerce & Shopify integration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Discounts and Loyalty management 
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Customer segmentation
  • Digital invoices via SMS
  • Interactive business dashboard
  • Onboarding and training support
  • Email, chat, and WhatsApp support
  • 150+ reports

Freedom and ease of business are a few clicks away! Contact VasyERP today !

#2 LS Retail – Pet Shop Software 

LS Retail – Pet Shop Software is a unified POS system designed to manage your pet store operations smoothly and efficiently. Whether you own a small pet shop or have multiple online and offline stores, LS POS software is a one-stop solution for all. LS Retail comes in two categories- LS Central for enterprises and LS Express for small retailers. 

LS Central is a centralized POS and retail management software for large businesses while LS Express is a webPOS extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 suitable for Single-store retailers or Pet shops having 40 employees or less. 

image 1

Source: LS Retail

Key Features:

  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Automatic inventory tracking and reordering
  • Sales trends and customer behavior insights
  • Flexible purchase options
  • Multiple device support
  • Familiar Microsoft environment
  • Efficient employee management
  • Built-in Shopify connector

#3 Tagrain – Pet Shop Point of Sale

Next on the list is Tagrain- a cloud point-of-sale system. It puts your inventory at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Grow customer engagement with personalized in-store experience, special discount rewards, or coupons. 

Add-on features like Xero, and Shopify eCommerce let you manage your Pet store business more efficiently, while Sales Target Management aids in tracking staff sales targets and performances.  


Source: Tagrain

Key Features

  • Efficient sales and customer management
  • Simple inventory management
  • Flexible payments options
  • Easy products and services handling
  • Easy and fast checkout 
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Central product catalog

#4 Hike – Pet Store POS solution

Run your pet store like a pro with Hike’s all-in-one POS system. It is designed to manage your furry business with ease. Attributes like real-time inventory updates, cloud, Integrated e-commerce, sales reports, and customer profiles make Hike a perfect choice for modern-age pet shop owners. 

You can process sales in-store, online, or on-the-go with any device. Cloud POS provides powerful reporting tools that translate your sales data into actionable insights.

image 2

Source: Hike

Key features:

  • Cloud-based POS- Access data from anywhere
  • Online as well as offline availability
  • Integrated e-commerce tools
  • Accounting system Integration
  • Gift cards & Loyalty rewards
  • Omnichannel POS

#5 Lightspeed Pet store POS 

Manage your inventory with a breeze using Lightspeed. It offers a seamless store experience to both store owners and customers. Advanced features like automatic product data creation or built-in reports free you from all manual work that too on a single click. 

A smart POS saves time, energy, and resources so that instead of sweating on manual operations you focus on a more important task – Customers. 

image 3

Source: Lightspeed

Key features:

  • Intuitive product import tools
  • Click-and-collect and shipping
  • Centralized inventory tracking
  • Single-click product addition
  • Built-in flexible mobile-friendly reports
  • Built-in card reader and barcode scanner
  • Marketing automation with Marcello
  • Efficient team management with Homebase


Running a successful pet shop is all about understanding your customers and their furry companions. Quality POS software lets you analyze fast-moving products, identify buying trends, and track business performance. This valuable tool empowers you to make informed decisions about stocking, promotions, and CRM activities, ultimately optimizing your business for success. 

Pet Store Blog Image

A centralized and fully automated POS system gives you the freedom to provide the best services without worrying about day-to-day store operations.


What is pet store POS software?

A pet store POS software handles sales, tracks inventory, manages customers, and generates various reports. Along with this, it also provides insights into store performance and employee or customer management. It is an all-in-one package that saves your precious time and effort and helps you run your pet shop smoothly. Think of it as your digital companion of modern times.

What are the benefits of using POS software?

Pet store software can help retailers in many ways to create better experiences for their customers and also lessen the operational burden: 

  • Fast Transactions: No more long lines or grumpy customers. Scan products, accept payments, and print receipts.
  • Seamless inventory: Never run out of your best-selling stuff again. Track stock levels set reorder points, and get automatic alerts when it’s time to restock.
  • Loyal customers: Pamper your pet parents with loyalty programs and personalized recommendations.
  • Smart decisions: Crucial data like Sales reports, popular pet products, or customer trends facilitate you in making smarter business decisions and keeping your store thriving.

Which is the right software for my Pet store?

Let’s face it, digitization has changed the world for good and the same has happened with the spending habits of modern pet owners. Now everyone expects a smooth shopping experience from online browsing to speedy in-store purchases. 

A perfect POS system is one, that fits into your pocket, supports your business goals, and provides exceptional experience to your pet store customers. Evaluate different options, check out reviews, and go for free trials. 

VasyERP, Lightspeed, LS Retail, Hike, and Tagrain are top Pet Store software that suit any Pet store business. 

You can also ask other pet store owners for recommendations.

What features should I look for in Pet Store Software?

It depends on your business needs, but some must-haves are:

  • POS and Billing: Must have GST-complaint billing features
  • Inventory management: To track stock levels, variants, and expiry dates.
  • Customer management: To store customer details, purchase history, and preferences.
  • Reporting: To get insights into sales, trends, and store or staff performance.
  • Integrations: Must have integrated tools like accounting software, eCommerce, etc., or UPI, WhatsApp, and other payment platform integrations. 
  • User-friendly interface: So that every team member can operate it easily.

Is setting up a new POS software difficult?

Not really. The best POS software providers like VasyERP offer support and conduct training to run it smoothly. They even offer data migration to help you upgrade from your old system to the new one.

How much does POS software cost?

Prices of  POS software vary depending on features, number of users, store size, and support options. You can do your research and compare plans of POS software available in the market. 

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