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Our Expertise

  • Sales and Purchase Management

    Sales and Purchase Management

  • Smart POS system

    Smart POS system

  • Offers & Discount Management

    Offers & Discount Management

  • Multiple Billing Counter

    Multiple Billing Counter

  • Payment Reminder & Notification

    Payment Reminder & Notification

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Multiple Payment Methods

  • Returns, Refunds and Store

    Returns, Refunds and Store

  • User Accounts and Permissions

    User Accounts and Permissions

  • Bulk Product Imports

    Bulk Product Imports

  • Stock Transfers

    Stock Transfers

  • Send Offers by SMS

    Send Offers by SMS

  • UPI Integration

    UPI Integration

  • Whatsapp Integration

    Whatsapp Integration

  • Loyalty and Membership Points

    Loyalty and Membership Points

  • GST Compliance Invoice & 150+ Reports

    GST Compliance Invoice & 150+ Reports

  • Materials Requirement Planning

    Materials Requirement Planning

  • Tractability


  • Bin Management

    Bin Management

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management -

  • Distribution Requirements Planning

    Distribution Requirements Planning

  • Bill of Materials

    Bill of Materials

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management

  • Project Life-Cycle Management

    Project Life-Cycle Management