Complete ERP Solution for DAIRY PRODUCTS Industry


The dairy business faces difficulties, Such as, demand-supply gap, margin pressure, production strategy, and processing, , finding and supply, regularly changing demands by the conscious customer, the sensitive timeframe of realistic usability of its items, rising wellbeing concerns, execution of the controls needed by FSMA and other administrative necessities, and so forth Likewise, the manufacture need to consistently improve to meet the prerequisites of - healthy and clean marks, steep rise in demand after for functional food sources and protein-rich items. Dairy items will be things individuals utilize consistently like each day in their life. Dairy products are items people use on a regular basis but the life of most of the products is just a few days. Along these lines, it's imperative to the proprietor to realize precisely the number of items needed for a specific day or several days. Simply Just billing dairy software can manage all your business activities in an extremely smooth manner. It keeps legitimate records about deals, clients, suppliers, and stock, etc. Automated accounting processes and tax calculations become simple with zero mistakes utilizing the dairy management software. Tracking down the best Dairy Industry Software for your business is presently quicker and simpler! At Vasy ERP software you can get a complete End-to-End solution that can guarantee the ideal usage of the multitude of resources of your dairy business and make it totally beneficial.

Dairy Products- One Solution for Multiple Hurdles at Vasy ERP Software

Vasy ERP Software for the dairy business modernizes out various parts of dairy items producing, similar to milk acquisition, chilling, purification, homogenization, and etc. Likewise, this dairy Vasy ERP programming guarantees productive coordinated effort between depots warehouse, chilling focuses, and handling plants, subsequently giving a supportable upper hand. With its engaged contributions, an ERP for dairy coordinates and smoothness out dairy producer's Procurement, Inventory, Product Development, Production Planning and Scheduling, group preparing, Quality, Costing, Compliance, Accounting, Sales and Distribution, and gives extra utilities of Dashboards and Reports for all the data needs.

Benefits of Dairy ERP Software with Vasy ERP Solution

If you are owner of a dairy company, you must know the fragile nature of dairy products. This implies that there is a gigantic expense associated with terms of foundation to keep the items new and usable. This makes it basic for Dairy organizations to utilize the smart business applications. There is likewise a colossal measure of information which is included and exact monitoring and reporting at the right time is generally fundamental for ideal benefit. Vasy ERP is dairy management software gives a complete feature for dairy management. Such as milk detail, client, billing system, report generation, fat, database backup, etc. Vasy ERP for Dairy industry includes essential data services in regard to Dairy milk assortment in Collection or Chilling Points, Chilling point configuration, Automated SMS integration of milk receipt and much more. With the efficient data usage, you and its smart applications you can make sure that any wastage gets minimized and thus maximum profitability.

Key Modules & Features For Dairy Products

  • Consistent and Assured Quality products
  • Tight control over the cost
  • Increased profit Margin
  • Improved Packaging Efficiency
  • Daily milk collection in collection points/Chilling points
  • Chilling point configuration with - Number of supplying villages, Number of farmers in a village, Number of milk collection routes
  • Automated SMS integration on milk receipt
  • Automated FAT% & SNF% entry from individual supply sample testing
  • Manual FAT% & SNF% entry individual supply wise
  • Maintenance of Price list based on FAT% & SNF%
  • Fetching price from price list based on manual FAT% & SNF%
  • Different MIS reports based on actual FAT% & SNF%
  • Transfer of Raw Milk from chilling point to production/plant
  • Automated periodic payment to farmers through Bank transfer
  • Production management of different products
  • Production receipt and production order costing with variance analysis
  • Different dairy specific MIS reports on milk collection and sales

Process of Implementation

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    Consult with our Industry Expert

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    Discuss Business Requirements

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    Get guidance on the right technologies

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    Discuss Project Feasibility

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    Get quality software delivered, on time, on budget

Key Capabilities
Fast Billing

Fast Billing

VasyPOS helps you to Make Faster & Accurate Bills. VasyPOS reads the Bar-code and Calculates it with a printed invoice.

Create Transparency

Create Transparency

VasyCloud invoicing is the clear & easy to understand audit trail, including every action to payment collection.

Simply Reporting

Simply Reporting

Simply Reporting by using VasyERP solution, custom Dashboard can be turned into suitable reports & identify your profitable way.

Save your Time

Save your Time

Vasy Accounting can save your time and money, and offer you valuable & appropriate reasonable Business.

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