Coffee shop are great place to hang out and it is a favorite place for everyone, even if you are not a coffee lover you would still take someone special or do a reunion of friends at a coffee place. But what if happens if you decide to do such a thing or organize such a gathering at the regular coffee place and you come to know that coffee shop has closed down because it did not maintain its inventories and had a lot of complains and had to shut down. To avoid such a tragedy.

Vasyerp has developed an application cloud retail management that saves your time and helps you to focus on other matter and the application takes care of the items in and out.

Every month it generates a report about the business welfare and lets you know about your losses and profit and gives you notifications of the items that are to get out of order or has to be filled with new ones.



Coffee shop are filled with coffee lovers who enjoy coffee with great taste. Its little difficult to maintain in that way & to keep the love for coffee spirit up the shop should have brilliant inventory system that keeps the system updated for the necessary ingredients. Vasyerp has developed a application that takes care of the inventory system and helps in expanding the business in more analytical way.

Key Modules & Features For Coffee Shop

  • Sales & Purchase Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Offers & Discount Management
  • SMS Alert & Bulk SMS
  • Multiple Billing Counter
  • Cash Tender
  • Bar-code & QR Code Generator
  • Send Offer by SMS
  • Payment Remainder
  • Product Tracking & Stock Inventory
  • Loyalty & Membership Points
  • UPI Integration
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • GST Compliance Invoice & Expenses
  • GST Returns & Filing
  • 150+ MIS Reports
  • CRM & HRM
  • Consignee Management
  • Multi User
  • Multi Language (Eng, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil)