Petroleum producing companies are huge and are divided into various departments. Efficient operation calls for effective integration across the departments. This enables better collaboration and communications. Using an ERP solution in your oil and gas business will help you integrate and streamline all the processes.

Oil and gas extraction and production companies export their products and thus having a centralized system which handles the export requirements smoothly is a boon. Having an ERP software in place will maximize efficiency of the processes. Corporate Munim, an ERP for oil and gas industry offers unique features which make the day to day operations seamless.


All key Features you need in Oil and Petroleum ERP

  • Inventory Management
  • Multi--Location Environment
  • User-defined Executive dashboard
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Critical Business Alerts on Dashboard, Email and SMS
  • Combine Multiple Reports from different Modules
  • Decision-making in real time
  • Powerful security to protect integrity of the data
  • Easy import and export of the data