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Are you wedged and mystified between VasyERP and Tally ERP software? Finding an accurate accounting solution that suits your inimitable requirements is a big deal. You must be conjecturing to know –which one is better out of VasyERP & Tally ERP. In this blog, you can get an answer, based on decisive factors between these two accounting solution software. We have used many parameters for contrasting the reports for both the software. To expand the software research, we have got disparity reports based on constraints of language preference, user rating, features, plans, pricing, integration, and customer support. Well, this is true that both the software have been awarded many times for its user experience and a vast bucket of features. All these awards have been given based on the overall performance of the software in the accounting category. But, if you are on your way to choose software out of these two, you should read this blog once because it can help you in getting a final verdict that will be beneficial for you. Let’s begin!

What is ERP software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning, and it is commonly known as ERP. ERP software has boosted the competence of business processes by simply integrating various business operations into a single combined system. This software is one of the smash- attentions in the field of technology.

Top Outbreak Aspects to Consider When Choosing Between VasyERP & Tally ERP for your Business

Today we will discuss a few notable comparison points of both the ERP software. These points are counted based on their features and factors comparability between both the accounting software for your organization.

  1. Overview
    • Tally ERP is accounting software for all types of businesses with a perfect business solution with extensive core accounting features embedded in it.
    • Vasy accounting software makes your business accounting operation workflows professional. As cloud-oriented software, VasyERP makes the workflow easy by giving you access to your data anywhere at any time. It has dashboard, billing & invoicing, and tax management features with GST and many more added features.
  2. Desktop/Mobile
    • Tally ERP is non-cloud accounting software which is only available as installed software for the desktops.
    • VasyERP software is cloud-based accounting software, which can be accessed and operated from any devices with an active internet connection.
  3. Device Supported
    • Tally ERP is only supported on the Windows platform. Tally software is not supported by any other devices such as Mac OS, Linux, IOS, and Android.
    • VasyERP software is compatible with Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS, and android. Being a cloud based software, it simply runs on browser and can be run on any device having an internet connection.
  4. Multi-Language Accessibility
    • Tally ERP is only available to be used and accessed in English Language.
    • VasyERP, being advanced Indian cloud-based accounting software, is available to be used in multiple Indian languages along with English, such as Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, or Tamil. If a user is not proficient in English, he can easily use in a regional Indian language as per his comfort.
  5. Real-Time Data Sync on all Devices

    Data synchronization provides a means of creating harmony and uniformity among all the systems that have access to data to avoid any errors.

    • Tally ERP can only be used in one device. No cloud feature or data sync feature is enabled in it.
    • VasyERP consists of these features through which businesses can see performance improvement in many areas along with the benefits in data availability and response time. VasyERP has cloud technology, which saves your data on the cloud. Therefore, you can sync your data with all devices with the help of VasyERP. Being a cloud-sync software, VasyERP works in both online and offline mode.
  6. GST Returns
    • Tally ERP does not offer direct GST filing features. Tally ERP generates a GST report in Excel & JSON format.
    • While VasyERP provides a GST report in Excel & JSON format, a direct GST return facility is also available in VasyERP. VasyERP software offers multiple features along with GST filing, final reports, tax computation, interest calculation, audit reports with many more characteristics.
  7. Auto backup of Data
    • In the case of Tally ERP, users have to take manual backup by copying the data files and save them in an external drive.
    • Smart VasyERP software takes 100% regular auto backup of your data on its servers. As well as VasyERP includes features like data entry log generate, cloud backup option, and password protection with different levels of users.
  8. Number of Devices
    • Tally ERP software can only be used in one device at one time.
    • While for VasyERP, users can enjoy unlimited devices at a time being a cloud based software.
  9. Data Loss
    • Tally ERP has a risk of data loss if your operating system crashes or your desktop faces some kind of malware issues.
    • VasyERP has no risk of data loss as your complete data is stored securely on Amazon Web Server (AWS). In case of any issue of software or hardware, you can easily access the data from anywhere and anytime.
  10. Effortless to use
    • Tally ERP users need tally expert or trainer to operate it well.
    • Amazing VasyERP is very handy and extraordinarily easy to use. It needs a few minutes to learn or operate the VasyERP software.
  11. Extra Added Features
    • Tally ERP is a core accounting software which only focuses on accounting and related activities of the business.
    • VasyERP is cloud based ERP software which proffers some added features specially crafted for Indian business market, such as inventory management, supply chain management, warehouse management, bin management, quality management, distribution planning and much more.

Here are few most important things of evaluation while choosing an Advanced Accounting Software -

  vasy logo Tally logo
Pricing On Request On Request
Number of Users Unlimited 1
Real-time Data-sync on Device Yes No
Real-Time Backup Yes No
Customer Support Yes Sometimes, it depends on the seller
24/7 chat support Yes Sometimes, it depends on the seller
Sales Report Purchase bill Yes Yes
Accounts Payable/ Receivable Yes Yes
Profit/Loss Statement Yes Yes
Customization Yes No
Job Work Yes No
Order Management Yes Yes
No. of device supported at the time Multiple Single
Technical Skills Requirement No Yes
Real Time Chat Option Yes No
Detailed Analytics Option Yes No
Mobile Wallet Integration Yes No

Note – VasyERP provides many more added features in terms of insights access and detailed analysis via admin back end, which Tally ERP lacks. Not limited to this, VasyERP provides an extensive and dedicated customer support to all of its users.

We hope that through this informative blog, all your doubts based on comparability have been cleared. You must have got an idea that which technical ERP software is best and beneficial for your business. But our part is still not over. Scroll below to read our ‘Final Verdict’ on the above comparison between Tally ERP and VasyERP.

Final Verdict

From the above comparison points, you must have noticed some drawbacks and some advantages. Tally ERP is very old software for accountancy but is used by a large number of people worldwide. On the same hand, VasyERP, being the latest software proves to be advanced software with much more added features as compared to Tally ERP. In our view, VasyERP wins the race and can be trusted by any type of business accountancy related operations. If you are a Tally lover, then you must wait for an update so that it can add a few missing features in the advanced version. But, if you need consistent and effective accountancy software with hassle-free handling features, go for VasyERP. The above comparison clearly shows, how VasyERP is winning the race with more added features in the most advanced cloud based accounting software.

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