Complete POS system in Ahmedabad.

vasyERP is a Online POS System in Ahmedabad specially designed considering the Indian Retail Markets.
  • Fast Checkout
    Fast Checkout

    Enables you to create a quicker and more effective checkout experience.

  • Easy Returns & Exchanges
    Easy Returns & Exchanges

    Helps manage and keep track of the total number of order returns and exchanges.

  • Loyalty & Memberships
    Loyalty & Memberships

    Enables the creation and management of loyalty and membership programs for customers.

  • Mulitple Payment Modes
    Mulitple Payment Modes

    Supports a variety of payment methods including cash, card, UPI & more.

  • Multiple Billing Counters
    Multiple Billing Counters

    Enables businesses to handle multiple transactions at different counters simultaneously.

  • Weight-Scale Integration
    Weight-Scale Integration

    Helps you to accurately maintain a complete report of the weight of the goods/products.

  • Cash Tender
    Cash Tender

    It enables cashiers to correctly and quickly execute cash transactions.

  • Cash Drawer Integration
    Cash Drawer Integration

    It enables the automatic opening and closing of a cash drawer during cash transactions.

  • WhatsApp Integration
    WhatsApp Integration

    Allows for communication with customers through WhatsApp.

  • Customer Feedbacks
    Customer Feedbacks

    Enables customers to directly leave their honest reviews/feedback through digital receipts.

  • In-store & online orders
    In-store & online orders

    helps to manage both online and offline business easily

  • Multiple Billing at Single Time
    Multiple Billing at Single Time

    It enables a cashier to process multiple transactions simultaneously

  • Payment Reminders
    Payment Reminders

    Allows you to automatically remind your customers to make any overdue payments.

  • Mobile POS
    Mobile POS

    Allows for transactions to be made on a mobile device.

  • Self Kiosk
    Self Kiosk

    A self-service kiosk for customers to check out and make payments.

  • Payment Gateway
    Payment Gateway

    Integrates with multiple payment gateways for secure transactions.

  • Smart Cart
    Smart Cart

    A smart cart feature that allows for an easy and efficient shopping experience for customers.

Why VasyERP best suit for Retail business
Along with this VasyERP also provides a Multitude of a other advance service for fast retailer / supermarket management and operations
  • Cloud-based Accounting Software

    Cloud-based Accounting Software

    Works Both Online/Offline

  • Hardware Independent

    Hardware Independent

    Runs on Browser and support all Devices

  • No Data Loss

    No Data Loss

    Store Data on secure Robust Cloud

  • No Upgradation Cost

    No Upgradation Cost

    Auto updation system helps you to upgrade your Business

  • Quick Support Team

    Quick Support Team

    Our Technical team gives you Online and Offline Support

Best POS Software in Ahmedabad

One Stop Solution for POS Software in Ahmedabad

Are you wondering that this type of feature-packed Software for Retailer or Supermarket is hard to find? Not all retailers in Ahmedabad can have it, or it must have a high costing to buy. Is it what you are thinking? If yes, then kick out all your worries. The reason is that we, at VasyERP, have come up with the Smartest ERP Accounting Software for all kinds of retail businesses in Gujarat. Whether your business is largely located in Ahmedabad or a small enterprise in any State of India, our Cloud - Based POS Software prefers you with all kinds of features and benefits to your business.

Not only that, as the context means, but our online pos software can also grow your retail business at a level, which you might have thought of.

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