GOLD & JEWELRY business is very risky if you donít have good contacts among the sellers and customers. Obviously you need to maintain both the sides equally because both the things matters and are responsible for your growth. What if the seller from who you purchased the raw materials is little defected and needs to be replaced or if a customer has some amount unpaid to you and you are busy in your store to increase the sales but you face a lot of side problems that distract you from your path.

Vasyerp has developed an application cloud retail management that saves your time and helps you to focus on other matter and the application takes care of the items in and out.

Every month it generates a report about the business welfare and lets you know about your losses and profit and gives you notifications of the items that are to get out of order or has to be filled with new ones.


Gold process is very expensive hence its highly expensive but to maintain such stock and inventory is very expensive too. Vasyerp has developed a application that helps the goldsmiths to achieve its desired result by incorporating itself with the application. From maintenance of the stocks to the selling of the gold vasyerp helps you through such messy process and lets you to expand your business.