Maintaining the inventory of bakery is quite challenging because you wont be using all the products on all the cakes that you bake, you need to maintain which of the ingredients should be available with you. But if you have forget that you don’t have few ingredients than at that time you would be worried like “mothers” what will happen. So vasyerp has developed a application that track all your ingredients and informs on proper time before you run out of it.

You can go-through the wanted list while purchasing the products and you can check it at the notification that you have received from vasyerp


Bakers are very busy when the customers are standing in queue and they cannot afford to dissapoint a customer. In-order to achieve such excellence you must have such an application that has excelled not only in that category but as well covering other major categories. Vasyerp helps you in reaching-out more cake-lovers like a icing the cake.