Having a bridal store is very seasonal during the wedding season its quite difficult to manage the inventory stocks and managing the clients at the same time. Vasyerp also helps in this kind of category where all the bride groomers can figure out which products are usable and which has to replaced, and can even generate the invoice and generate the business profit every month and expand the business to the next level.

And not just grooming the bride but helps you to track on the total function of the wedding from marriage dress to reception dress to special occasion party dress vasyerp helps you to manage each of the function without giving you any kind of trouble and you can track all the transactions from your mobile too if you are in some out state for vacation or work.


bridal store industry is a booming industry and to grow with it boom speed you need a application that helps your precious time and helps you in booming. Vasyerp has developed a application that helps you in achieving in such great heights in more organized order.