Industrial Supplies are in dire need of such application that maintain their supplies and take care of the stock inventory whenever its about to get less it alerts the system and informs you about the shortage of the production. The industrial supplies should never stop because its an continuous process and the machines work continuously so the products also should be send on time.

Vasyerp has developed an application cloud manufacturing management that saves your time and helps you to focus on other matter and the application takes care of the items in and out.

Every month it generates a report about the business welfare and lets you know about your losses and profit and gives you notifications of the items that are to get out of order or has to be filled with new ones.


Industrial Supplies manufacturers are in search such application that can help them in such matters. Because industrial supplies consists of many small objects that helps in building a house, shop or an industry. Vasyerp has developed a application that helps such industries who supplies to its retailers on time.