Food and Beverages manufacturing companies always work on the needle of the clock because if they don't work according to the clocks needle then they wont be able to supply their product on time to their loyal customers. And to work according to that needle speed we have to maintain other products that help in making the food and beverages.

Vasyerp has developed an application cloud manufacturing management that saves your time and helps you to focus on other matter and the application takes care of the items in and out.

Every month it generates a report about the business welfare and lets you know about your losses and profit and gives you notifications of the items that are to get out of order or has to be filled with new ones.


The dawn of 21st century bought many innovations with it giving not only mass productions of electronics and chemicals but mass level of production of Foods & Beverages. Vasyerp has developed a application that helps small as well as mega foods and beverages manufacturers to depend on this application and increase its profits as the selling of their products.